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Birth Story Q & A

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The moment a child is born into this world is one of the most exciting, beautiful, spiritual and peaceful experiences I have ever witnessed, whether for myself, a family member, or client.  A lot of emotion goes into the process of birthing a child, and not just for the mom, but for the dad, grandparents, nurses and doctors as well. When I gaze at the pictures of my own labor and delivery for I immediately feel the emotions I felt in that moment, but I crave more. I want more pictures. The ecstasy of feeling my baby's warm body against mine for the first time is indescribable. I want to see look was on my husband's face while watching his child gaze at his mother for the first time, and remember what is was like when he first saw his child's face and realized his life was never going to be the same, it was going to be better. There is so much emotion that can be captured through a lens in this moment. And while you will never experience that exact perfect moment again, you want to remember it for as long as you live. I want to capture these moments for you. I want you and your spouse to remember this moment forever without the stress of documenting it for yourself. I want this beautiful moment to be perfectly remembered. 

There are many questions that arise when clients are thinking about having a photographer document this extremely critical and exciting moment in their lives. I'm hoping this Q & A will help you understand my goals as a photographer while photographing your labor & delivery





Are you in the room at the time the baby is delivered?

I can be. There are many times when a husband and a wife want to share that special moment alone. However, most clients request I photograph the actual delivery. When doing so, I am a fly on the wall. I will stand behind the mother at the most critical moments and only take photographs that are respectful to each family and situation. 


How many photographs will you take and how many will I get?

I treat this shoot differently than I treat any other. This is a moment in your life you will never relive, I do no pose or manipulate in any way. I photograph moments as they happen. Because of this, I give the clients almost every photograph I take. Usually there are over 100. I really  want to you to remember the emotions you had on this day forever.


I'm worried about my privacy, who sees these photos?

Once again, this shoot is treated differently than any other. The contract you sign states that I may not share any image of you or your child without your permission. I also make sure that no one can access your online gallery without a password. I do like to be able to share a few images from each labor and delivery and will get  your permission prior to doing so, and will always wait until after you make an announcement before sharing any images.


What if things get complicated during my labor or delivery?

The health of the mother and baby is always first priority. If there is a time where there is a health scare, I may leave the room depending on your's and the doctor's request. Your information is always kept private as well. I will not divulge any details of your labor or delivery without permission. 


What if I need a C-section, can you still photograph?

Most hospitals and doctors have specific rules about this. It is important you talk to your doctor about this prior to it happening. You may need to let them know you are having a photographer and ask what the protocol is in the case of a c-section. If photography is approved in the operating room by all needed sources (doctor & hospital) I will tactfully photograph a c-section.


If I don't have you in the room during the delivery, what do you photograph?

If you choose not to have me in the room during delivery I will wait outside until you are comfortable with me entering the room. I will then take pictures of whatever is going on in the room at the time; the baby getting weighed, measured, and cleaned, Dad holding the baby for the first time, you holding the baby, etc. I will also take some pictures of your labor, right before it is time to deliver, until you ask me to leave the room.


What if my labor is extremely fast, will you make it?

I ask that you give me updates whenever possible. Once you hit 36 weeks, or so, it is best to contact me and let me know how things are progressing so we can plan accordingly. Other than that, I am on call. As soon as your admitted to the hospital, you contact me and together we decide when the best time is that I should arrive. 


Will you take newborn shots at the hospital?

The only newborn photos that are included in the Labor & Delivery shoot are the ones taken immediately after the delivery. I will usually stay 1-2 hours to capture those first moments. If you would like me to come take more photos after you and your new family are settled, you will be charged for a mini newborn session. These photographs may include the siblings or other family meeting baby for the first time, nursing shots, etc. The cost of this is $100 and I will usually stay for 1 hour to complete these photographs.


I hope that this cleared things up as to what a Labor & Delivery session entails. If you have further questions about this exciting moment in your life please contact me!





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